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The blog for Litchfield county, Connecticut Photographer Meg Raiano. See her tips and tricks to posing, getting the perfect image, and editing.


Meg Raiano

My friend Sasha and I met a little over a year ago. I was working at a company and eagerly awaiting my new office-mate (and by eagerly I mean the exact opposite). I was alone in the office for a few months and was dreading that the person to be hired would be someone I didn't mesh well with. And then came Sasha.

We liked each other almost immediately. We shared the same taste in music, the same love of our office fish, Pablo, we even started a little terrarium in the office to liven it up a bit. We worked so well together it was uncanny. 

When Sasha first started, I already felt the need to move on from that job. It just wasn't where I should have been so a few short months into working with her, I left to pursue different avenues but we kept in touch. We still would grab drinks and hang out  a couple times a month or as often as we could. I had the opportunity to photograph her almost a year ago to the day, in central park, with one of our old workmates Shannon. It was just a quick shoot, it took probably about twenty minutes at most and I got two pretty sweet images out of it. 

This past weekend, Sasha decided to make the hour-long trek out to me on Long Island where we shot a few portraits in the beautiful weather. Here's the outcome of that shoot - and hopefully, there will be many more to come!