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PicMonkey Editor

Meg Raiano


How to go from the first image to the second using only an online editor 

I swear by picmonkeyapp. And I firmly believe that most editing should be done in camera but in some instances, there is just nothing you can do. 
adobe recently came out with the new creative cloud, which gives you access to photoshop and others alike using a monthly fee. My biggest problem with that is that I’ve already paid for photoshop and can’t see myself shelling out 20$ a month for something that I already own. 

So, i find myself at an impass, to pay the fee, or continue editing with my favorite online editor picmonkeyapp

This morning, I decided to give each one a go - I’ve edited the photo both in photoshop (with additional programs used including a @alienskin and @imagenomic portraiture) and in Picmonkey. I can safely say that Picmonkey was the winner. It took me half the amount of time and energy and made the photo even better than I could have imagined. 

It does take a while to get the hang of it but once you do, it’s well worth the freeness of it. (And if you want all the extra bells and whistles, $5 a month is a fraction of the cost for photoshop)
Most people might think that as a professional photographer you’d be crazy to use a cheap on-line editor, but I think they’re crazy for not giving it a try.

check out picmonkeyapp here - and let me know what you think!