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Ballerina at Heart

Meg Raiano


My youngest passion ever was dance. I’ve been dancing since the time I turned two years old. One of my oldest friends’ Aunts owned the local dance school - Ceil Sharon School of Dance. We started going to classes together as babies and grew up dancing there. Even after I graduated high school, I decided to go to college for dance and go back to my old studio at the end of the school year to dance in the recitals. It was such an enormous part of my life, and almost the only part that I could identify with at that age. It was the first place that I really felt like I was meant to be doing it. I was meant to be dancing. 

In college I began photographing other dancers. I would sit in on their rehearsals and photograph them in movement. I would hide in the stage corners at performances, camera in hand. It was almost as if I was making a photographic diary of my daily life. I was so passionate about dancing and photography that it just seemed the natural thing to do. Photographing dancers was just as much of my college career as actually dancing and I wouldn’t have changed it for the world. 

Now that I’ve graduated college and have been on my own for a while, I haven’t had the opportunity to dance as much. It’s heartbreaking to not be constantly doing something you love but that’s not the path my life has taken, I’ve followed one passion and not the other. My photography has been growing exponentially since I’ve graduated and it’s such a pleasure to be able to do one thing that I truly love. 

A year ago the woman who owned that dance studio passed away. She was such a strong, phenomenal role model for tons of little girls and boys, everyone who met and danced under her is a better person for it. It brought back memories I didn’t know I had - her teaching us the company piece in the parking lot & yelling at the honking cars as they passed, her asking me to be a student teacher and giving me the opportunity to blossom, and eventually - her offering me the scholarship to go to college for dance. So in honor of Ceil - I’m getting back into my dance roots. Combining my passions of dance and photography.

I urge you to follow your dreams and see where they take you - it might be somewhere unexpected but it will certainly be fantastic.