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Forced Inspiration

Meg Raiano

Connecticut Photographer

I started college almost 10 years ago and in the first few weeks of my collegiate career I was taught one of the most poignant lessons of my life. At the time, I would've told you I thought it was an exercise in torture, something created just to take up precious time and energy that had no real meaning behind it. And at the time, that rang true. I didn't understand why it was a necessary evil to my creative process.

We started out the semester by reading a book by Twyla Tharp, a famous dancer and choreographer, entitled "The Creative Habit". I'm one of those people who hates to read things people force her to read and instead like to choose my own titles to browse. In high school I almost never read the summer reading books, I was just gifted in writing papers held together by BS. So, like those books this one was not on my list of things to read. 

The core reason behind our reading material was the exercise described within the pages. Inspiration boxes.

Every semester that we would choreograph a dance, we'd need to create an inspiration box. This box would be filled with mementos of our ideas. It was the skeleton of our dance. Any box would do, just think of an idea and fill your inspiration box with items that remind you of the dance you have in mind. 

My first year choreographing my box was pretty empty. I knew what I wanted my dance to be about but I still didn't understand what the purpose of the box was. It took three semesters before I actually created an inspiration box that was genuinely worthwhile and helpful.

About five years ago I started applying the same idea to my photography. Before every styled shoot, I would create a small box filled with inspirational pictures, music, etc. 

Nowadays - its so much easier to create these inspiration boards using #Pinterest. 

Almost every shoot I have, I create an inspiration board on Pinterest, making it both interactive between the model, the creative team, and myself, and a great place for my ideas to come together. 

See some of my most recent inspiration boards here -

And after I got over my fear of reading things that people forced me to read, I found that "The Creative Habit" was actually a really phenomenal read. 

Pick up your copy here -