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The blog for Litchfield county, Connecticut Photographer Meg Raiano. See her tips and tricks to posing, getting the perfect image, and editing.

This is a Business

Meg Raiano

Litchfield Photographer

I started photography when I was in high school - I began in the dark room, developing prints of my family and friends for hours on end. When I began college, I started photographing more heavily, shooting PCDC, the dance company that I was a part of, both for fun and for my portfolio. I took their professional headshots and dance photographs. 

That really gave me the strength to decide to become an actual photographer. Not that I wasn't one before, but I mean to make it a business. And that's what it is, a business. 

I love photography, I love everything about it - except the business side. I love the experience of photographing people, making them feel beautiful, seeing the pride in the images I took of them, but I sincerely hate the business side. 

Here's the thing - Would you ever walk into a store, pick up a beautiful pair of shoes, and walk out without paying for them? Would you ever go to the spa and let someone spend hours pampering you and not pay for it? I'm guessing your answer to that is no. So why would you think that this business would be any different?

In the last few weeks I've have tons of inquiries for photoshoots, while some people understand that its a business it genuinely baffles me that others think this is a free service, that my time, energy, and money (yes! Thats right, it costs me money to have hair & makeup people come in and beautify you, it costs me money to purchase my equipment, it costs me money for my computer programs that I edit your images in.) mean almost nothing to some. 

So please, before you ask me to photograph you for free, know that I love what I do and that it is my business. It is my pleasure to photograph you, but in the same token, would you walk out of that store with those beautiful peep toe pumps without paying for them?