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The blog for Litchfield county, Connecticut Photographer Meg Raiano. See her tips and tricks to posing, getting the perfect image, and editing.

In Front Of & Behind The Camera

Meg Raiano

As a photographer, I get to see my clients in a pretty vulnerable state. Almost no one likes to have their picture taken, no one likes the way they look and even if they do, they feel uncomfortable and sometimes even scared in front of the camera. Its your photographers job to make you feel comfortable and your most beautiful, and its your photographers job to capture that beauty for a lifetime. 

When I started really experimenting in photography I photographed anyone that would let me. Once I exhausted all those options, I took photos of myself. I was even featured in an article in Worcester Magazine about how selfies helped me grow as a photographer. The thing is, until you're in front of someone else's camera, you don't actually know how it feels to be in that state of nervousness.

I quickly started networking and began having my photo taken by other photographers while I also took their photo. Most of those shoots were not my typical style but they helped me grow into the photographer I am today. 

I know it can seem intimidating but I've been there too - My job is to make you feel fantastic, and now that I've experienced a photoshoot or two myself I can speak to the nervous energy that can sometimes come before having your photo taken. 

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