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Exploring Light with Lucy & Frankenstein

Meg Raiano

Since moving to Connecticut and having windows (I know that sounds crazy but prior to this house, we lived in a basement apartment) I've really begin to notice some sweet natural light pouring into our home. It comes in at all times of the day, in some really cool patterns and shapes.  You can create almost anything with light.

So I've begun taking photos of my fur babies in the light that they now luxuriate in. The pup is happy as a clam gazing out our front window at the cars and people passing by, the kitty spends most of her time curled in front of our doors to the backyard where she gets a nice breeze, gets to play with any incoming bugs, and gets the nice warm sun on her in the morning.

I can't wait to start experimenting with light with my next client! Look out for that blog post coming soon.