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The blog for Litchfield county, Connecticut Photographer Meg Raiano. See her tips and tricks to posing, getting the perfect image, and editing.


Meg Raiano

2015 was a hard year for me. I began the year looking for a house and a job in a new state with my boyfriend, my pup, and my kitty. I found a great little house and a pretty awesome job in marketing (where I even got to flex my photography muscles from time to time) but I was having a hard time getting my photography footing in Connecticut. I shot a few people here or there, and then did a large job for my company, but my clients were few and far between. In addition to that, the relationship I had been in for almost five years ended. I lost my boyfriend and my puppy and had to figure out everything on my own (with help from my family and best friends, of course). A few months after that happened, my Grandmother, Theresa Raiano, died. She was such a huge part of my life growing up, and even in adulthood. She and my grandfather held family dinners every Sunday night, where she would cook the best Italian meals you'll ever have in your life. Gramma is one of the biggest reasons that I am the person I've become. It was the hardest loss I've ever gone through and I'm honestly not sure I'll ever be comfortable with it. She died the night before Thanksgiving and it still feels just like it was yesterday that she was teaching me french at her dining room table. From coping with my Grandmother's death, paying for my home, and being comfortable alone all the time in a place where the only friends I had were people I had met through my new job. Those are the people that I owe my sanity to - Thanks to a great group of people at my job and some love from friends from MA, I have become a whole new lady.

It was a hard transition for me but it helped me to set higher goals and expectations for my business in 2016. Not only will I be pursuing this - hard core - this year, but I will be doing a lot more photographic soul searching. Expect to see a whole new meg raiano | photographer in 2016. 

A big thank you to everyone who was a part of my life in 2015.