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Boudoir - Then & Now

Meg Raiano

Yesterday, my #Timehop told me that I took a photo of my friend laura five years ago today. It was my first boudoir photoshoot ever. I decided that I wanted to be like Russell James and photograph gorgeous ladies in their sexiest outfits.

I worked at Victoria's Secret for four years and loved every second of it. The opportunity to make people feel sexy underneath their clothes was my favorite thing to do. This gave me the opportunity to make them feel sexy all the time. So I called Laura up and decided we'd try it out. 

After the shoot, I popped my SD card into the computer, pulled up the images, and was THRILLED with the result. I loved everything about the photos. The coloring, the outfits, the model. It felt awesome to be able to apply what I already knew about photography to this new genre.

When this photo came up in my #Timehop I really wanted to see how far I've come from that first shoot until now. The difference (to me at least) is amazing. What do you think of my boudoir transformation over the last five years?