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Vacation - All I Ever Wanted

Meg Raiano

Every one needs a vacation. It's so easy to get burnt out on work nowadays, vacation is almost a necessity to be able to comprehend and be inspired by your workflow. 

I hadn't gone on vacation in more than two years and it was about time. I was burnt out, uninspired, and all around grumpy. Time to take to the skies and check out a place that has some of the most beautiful I will ever see.

I typically only take photos of people because I find them fascinating. The thing about Colorado is that it is equally as fascinating as humans. We wanted adventure and found it, for sure, on our trip from Denver to Colorado Springs, Boulder, and Breckenridge. We went to visit Pike's Peak on our third day and at the bottom of the mountain it was almost 80 degrees, once we got up to 12,000 feet, it was 30 degrees, snowing and hailing, and we were wearing shorts. 

This was by far the best vacation I've ever been on. There's nothing like nature to put your life into perspective - gigantic rock formations created thousands of years ago that are the most beautiful things you've ever seen, landscapes that will literally take your breath away, and weather that will literally seem like its out to get you one minute and be absolutely angelic the next.

If you ever need to get away and have the option of seeing Colorado, I would highly recommend it.