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You Need Hands...

Meg Raiano

to hold someone you care for. You need hands to show them you're sincere. When you feel nobody wants to know you, you need hands to brush away each tear. When you hold a brand new baby, you need tender love to guide them on their way. You need hands to thank the lord for living and for giving us this day.

dance hands

Every single year at my dance recital, at the end of the show every class would dance together to Eydie Gorme's 'Hands'. It was a time honored tradition, every single class would walk out on stage holding hands with their tap shoes laced up and their favorite costume of the night on. Once everyone filed out onto the stage, we'd all dance the same dance, just as we had done for years before. I don't think we ever actually learned the dance, every one of us just picked it up from seeing it year after year. When you're a young kid you don't actually do the dance, you mostly just twirl around and look at all the beautiful ladies dancing on stage - That moment is the moment where little girls decide they want to be ballerinas when they grow up. The moment they see all the beautiful dancers holding hands and doing this dance that they all know by heart. 

dance hands 4
dance hands 2

I recently had the privilege of photographing a beautifully talented dancer, Aisha. I wanted our shoot to be different than any other I had done, and what I mean by that is I wanted to focus not on the girl, but on the little things that make the movement.


hand dance 3

These photos are really a tribute to my childhood dance classes. An ode to the reason I became who I am today. 

If you've never heard the song - I suggest you check it out, it's a classic.