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The blog for Litchfield county, Connecticut Photographer Meg Raiano. See her tips and tricks to posing, getting the perfect image, and editing.

Night Owl/Early Riser

Meg Raiano

I used to be a night owl - I'd stay up until 2-4 o'clock in the morning just doing whatever I could - I was never tired, always wired, and ready to burn the midnight oil. I'm not sure that that was ever healthy for me - but truthfully, I had a lot of energy because I burned a lot of energy. 

All throughout college, I was a dance major, so I spent 11-13 hours a day dancing, working out, and running from class to class. I hated waking up earlier than 9 and got nothing accomplished in the first few hours of the day.

Now that I'm not as active as I once was, I find that I wake up at 6:15 every morning [including weekends] and get more accomplished in the first three hours of my day than most people accomplish all day long. This got me to thinking - How can I be just as productive later in the day with my photography work as I am when I wake up? How can I be just as inspired or just as focused on edits as I am at 7am? The truth is - I can't. But what I can do is make myself the perfect working environment for myself, where I can close the door, light a candle, and clear my head enough to conquer my world. 

I typically start my day with a walk around my Torrington, CT neighborhood - Willomena at my side and a cup of coffee in my hand. As soon as I return from the walk, I'll stretch a little, get my blood flow going, and sit down to type, draw, edit, or photograph. 

I work consistently during those wee hours in the morning - scheduling calls and consultations, sending out emails, ordering prints. I take a break midday and then usually come back to it a little later. In the past, I have severely struggled to get my mind back on track but since I created my brand new, calming, serene office space - I have been able to create a work environment for myself that really enhances work in the afternoon. 

There's nothing like sipping a great glass of wine in a stemless, [Beauty and the Beast themed] wine glass, with the faint aromas of my new candles, while culling the photos I took that day.