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Color Filled Weekend in CT

Meg Raiano

This weekend was one of the most colorful in a long time - Saturday, I attended the Bubble Run and on Sunday a few of my close friends and I threw paint on a client in Torrington, CT to create some of the coolest images I have ever made in my entire life. 

If you've been following my blog [or any of my social media, really] you'd know that my sisters and I have been running [they've been running, I've been breathing heavy and trying not to fall over] in 5k races to help benefit Parkinson's research. 

We still have one more race this summer and have raised just under $3,000 - If you are feeling so inclined, you can donate to my individual page here:

Or our team page [Team 3 Sisters] here:

This weekend was our third run [run, slow down, run, slow down, walk, sprint through the finish line, collapse], the Bubble Run in East Hartford, CT. Other than the severe heat (97 degrees) and overall lack of water stands, it was pretty surreal to be enveloped into mounds of bubbles that are taller than you are. 

Each bubble station was a different color - Pink, blue, green, and yellow. The overall idea was to get as much color on us as possible, and we sure tried our hardest. I came away from the run pretty evenly covered with pink and blue, where the green and yellow didn't stand out as much. 

Sunday was one of the most fun photo shoots I've ever had. My idea was simply to throw paint on a dancer while they were dancing around. It turned out to really be one of the best sets of photographs I have ever taken. 

I knew exactly the color scheme I wanted, and exactly the vision I had in my mind for the photos. It could have not gone more perfectly from the first throw of paint to the final pour over Jess' feet. 

My two good friends, Katelyn & Danielle, came along to help me with the paint portion, and even got a few shots of Kate with paint covering her upper body. Jess was the perfect model for this particular shoot - she was really great about everything [especially letting virtual strangers throw paint on her]. 

This was an absolutely amazing weekend - over the next few weeks there will be quite a few more photo shoots so keep an eye out for more dancers, portraits, and photoshoots overall!