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It's [Not] All About the Camera

Meg Raiano

Litchfield CT Photographer

Many people think that its all about the camera you have, and not about the photographer. During a recent photoshoot, the Makeup Artist I was using said "Your camera takes great photos." Yes, to a point, it does. It has great image quality, and can do amazing things. The amount of moving parts within a camera itself is absolutely insane, and the progression from the camera obscura, to daguerrotypes, polaroids, 35mm, and now the DSLR. It has been a magical experience for sure. The one thing I struggle to convey here is that it's NOT all about the camera. It's about the camera & the person behind it. 

Each person who picks up a camera, whether it be a professional photographer, a student, or just someone taking photos over the weekend, has their own style, their own eye and regardless of the camera, the images all come out differently. Six people could take the exact same shot on the exact same camera, and they would be different. The amount of technical information that a photographer learns over the years, from F stops to ISO, from medium format to full frame, as well as knowing your own style. 

For instance, a photo that I took would not look anything like something that Annie Liebovitz would create. Her style is much darker, more ethereal, whereas mine has its own unique look to it as well.

Photographers perfect their knowledge, their style, and their presentation. It's not all about the camera. It's about how you use it.